Kate’s Top Reasons to go Plant-Based

Live Longer

The areas with the longest living populations, referred to as Blue Zones, live ten years longer than the average American. Why? One of the reasons is that they predominantly eat a plant-based diet. 65-70% of their calories come from non-refined carbs (whole grains, tubers, vegetables, fruits). 95% of their meals do not contain animal products. Eating a plant-based diet can add quality years to your life.

Empower yourself with healthy decisions

There’s a common misconception that we have no power over our genetics and our predisposition to illness, however studies on longevity are showing that genetics account for 20-30% of life span and the rest is due to environmental & lifestyle factors. Predisposition to disease may run in families, but more importantly, diet patterns run in families. The great news is that your diet and lifestyle can turn on and off those genes. Dr. Esselstyn MD says, “genes load the gun and diet pulls the trigger”.

stay slim and fit

Want to look and feel great from the inside out? A plant-based diet is a great way to naturally lose weight. Animal products have little to no fiber and are calorie dense, you need to eat more of these foods to feel full, leading to weight gain. Plant-based foods have few calories and are packed with fiber and water, helping you stay full longer. No more counting calories! My favorite weight loss tip? Eliminate oil from your diet. Saute vegetables with water & opt for oil free dressings. Oil is a highly processed, high calorie food. It’s much healthier to get those fats from their original source like olives, seeds or nuts.

REDUCE impact on the environment

Animal agriculture creates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector combined. 40% of the world’s grain is being fed to livestock, not humans. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of deforestation, habitat loss, methane gas emissions and biodiversity loss. Livestock produce 7x more sewage than humans and is often untreated, polluting our water sources. With each plant-based meal you are freeing up natural resources that would have otherwise gone into animal agriculture, helping both yourself, the animals and the planet.

save money

You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll save once you cut out all of the meat products, dairy items and processed foods. The staples of a plant based diet are some of the cheapest foods ie: beans, rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Buy your whole grains, nuts, seeds, and beans in bulk and you’ll save even more. Not to mention you’ll be reducing costs from medical bills and medication in the long run. Open heart surgery isn’t cheap.

Reduce animal suffering

Each time you eat a hamburger, drink a glass of milk or consume eggs you are voting. You are creating a demand for an industry that abuses, tortures and kills billions of innocent animals each year. Thankfully we live in a society with an abundance of food options that are more health promoting than animal products and often times less expensive.

for the love of carbs

Who doesn’t love to eat carbs? Well there’s a reason why you crave them⁠— humans run off of carbs, it’s our preferred energy source. Diet fads have condemned carbs but it’s the fat and highly processed carbs that are the real problem. Those with type 2 diabetes can’t process glucose properly because their cells are gummed up with extracellular lipids, causing insulin signaling to be impaired. Removing the fat from your diet and reducing overall body fat allows your cells to process glucose properly, without the use of medication.

Prevent, Treat and reverse health conditions

Major health organizations are promoting a plant-based diet at all ages of life to reduce the incidence of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Coronary artery disease is America’s #1 killer and studies are finding young kids with the first signs of atherosclerosis. Doctors like C. Esselstyn are reversing thousands of cases of severe heart disease with a low fat, plant-based diet. The China Study has linked casein found in dairy with cancer incidence. Sorry folks but the fat you eat is the fat you wear. Not only are your arteries leading to heart being clogged but the vascular systems leading to the brain and the reproductive areas are being impacted as well.

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